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What Is MyEducationLab?

In MyEducationLab, you will find a wealth of outcomes and standards driven exercises designed to help prepare users of the site for the opportunities and challenges teachers and students meet each day in classrooms.

Easy to use and integrate into online, in-person, and hybrid courses, MyEducationLab offers invaluable support for learning course content as well making the essential transition to applying concepts and skills in classrooms. In MyEducationLabs with a copyright of 2011 or higher, all exercises are mapped to learning outcomes and national teaching standards. So now it is easier than ever to connect coursework to outcomes and standards. All of the Assignments and Activities and all of the Building Teaching Skills and Dispositions in these MyEducationLabs are mapped to the appropriate national standards and learning outcome. For each topic in your MyEducationLab, you will find most or all of the following resources:

A Study Plan

A MyEducationLab Study Plan is a multiple choice assessment tied to chapter objectives, supported by study material. A well-designed Study Plan offers multiple opportunities to fully master required course content as identified by the objectives in each chapter:

Chapter Objectives

identify the learning outcomes for the chapter and give students targets to shoot for as you read and study.

Multiple Choice Assessments

assess mastery of the content. These assessments are mapped to chapter objectives, and students can take the multiple choice quiz as many times as they want. Not only do these quizzes provide overall scores for each objective, but they also explain why responses to particular items are correct or incorrect.

Study Material:

Review, Practice and Enrichment give students a deeper understanding of what they do and do not know related to chapter content. This material includes text excerpts, activities that include hints and feedback, and interactive multi-media exercises built around videos, simulations, cases, or classroom artifacts.


help students study the definitions of the key terms within each chapter.

Assignments and Activities

Designed to save instructors preparation time and enhance student understanding, these assignable exercises show concepts in action (through video, cases, and/or student and teacher artifacts). They help students synthesize and apply concepts and strategies they read about in the book.

Building Teaching Skills and Dispositions

These learning units help students practice and strengthen skills that are essential to quality teaching. They are presented with the core skill or concept and then given an opportunity to practice their understanding of this concept multiple times by watching video footage (or interacting with other media) and then critically analyzing the strategy or skill presented.

Additional Resources in MyEducationLab

The Course Resources section and the Certification and Licensure section in MyEducationLab are designed to help students pass their licensure exams, put together effective portfolios and lesson plans, prepare for and navigate the first year of their teaching careers, and understand key educational standards, policies, and laws. These sections includes:

Certification and Licensure

allows users to see what tests they need to take in order to become certified in a particular state. It also provides description and sample items from all of these tests, along with a practice exam for the Praxis Series: Principles of Learning and Teaching exam.

The Lesson Plan Builder provides users with a step-by-step lesson planning model that can be used for any content area or grade level. This lesson planning model highlights the predictable components that effective teachers incorporate into all lessons regardless of student age or the area of study. These components include:

The Course Resources gives students access to:

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